Raghav Handa

Legal Product Strategist based out of New Delhi, India.


Hi. I'm Raghav Handa, an outcome-driven lawyer focused on creating simple solutions for complex problems. I enjoy collaborating with teams and embracing the intricacies that make digital products successful. With over 3 years of legal product & strategy experience, I understand the connections between strategy, development teams, and business goals.

Currently, I am building legal technology products that make access to justice faster and help make legal professionals more efficient. Until the Summer of 2019, I worked for a legal technology company where I led product and business helping them launch their core product. During my time there, I had the opportunity to lead the product from idea to launch along with the development team. This resulted in nearly 1,00,000 users in just under nine months.

Additionally, I have helped multiple technology companies & startups in their product strategy and design.


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 New Delhi, India

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